Prudent liquidity management

Looking for prudent investment solutions for liquid cash-flow in your balance sheet? Involved in the international movement of goods and capital and want to safeguard your company against the risks of fluctuations in the exchange rate? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

Forex724 shows companies how they can create value added in the long term using their liquid funds. Using a systematic consultancy approach, our investment specialists, in collaboration with the company, analyse the current financial situation, determine the investment needs and pinpoint investment options geared to the company’s goals and requirements.

The company’s liquidity planning forms the basis for the investment strategy to be chosen and the attainment of the best-possible return. Whether you’re dealing with bonds, equities, derivatives, structured products, indices or foreign currencies – at Forex724 , corporate clients benefit from our wealth of know-how, excellent network and attractive conditions.

Using our online trading platform for foreign currencies and derivatives, companies can manage their foreign exchange positions and currency risks and obtain direct access to foreign exchange trading. They can also access the world’s financial markets at any time thanks to our 24-hour customer order processing service.