Trade and Investment Strategies that Boost Value

We provide fast access to the world’s key trading centres. Services such as our Web-based trading platform or 24-hour customer order processing facility allow us to exploit market opportunities round the clock.

Forex724 provides its institutional clients with trading solutions and investment management services tailored optimally to their individual needs. Our team specialises in professional brokerage, derivative products, securities and forex trading as well as financial consultancy. We attach great importance to long-term business relationships, competitive prices and outstanding service quality.

Our trading and investment specialists take the time to carefully clarify an individual’s needs before they develop targeted and innovative trading and investment strategies to increase value or hedge risks.

Forex724 acts as a prime broker for institutional clients under a WLP-Contract (white labelled), relieving them of the administrative work involved in money management and supporting them with specialised services for handling and financing securities and financial transactions correctly and effectively. We are also a competent and experienced partner to existing or prospective fund providers for whom we develop investment fund concepts and as part of a consultancy arrangement, assume responsibility for the legal, administrative and operational tasks.